Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Graveyard of Half-Formed Ideas

There is no greater sin than that of silence and indifference.
In doing so, you illuminate the past as well as the future.
For you can embody the only adequate response to evil.

Psychoneurotic Manifestations

-superficial charm and good 'intelligence'
-lack of remorse and shame
-inadequately motivated antisocial behavior
-poor judgement/failure to learn by expierences
-failure to follow any set life plan
-need for self-actualization

One White Flower
A Pine Cone
A Maple Leaf
A Large Rock
A Pine Needle
3 Hockeypucks
A Brick
A Long Leaf
7 Blades of Grass
3 Bugs
One Yellow Flower.


My boyfriend likes cheese.